Every musical instrument is an imitation of the human voice.

Your voice is an instrument too. It should be treated like one.

Singing is easy, if you allow it to be. Cool Conservatory offers a revolutionary, step-by-step vocal improvement program which is foundational and complete. This breakthrough method is designed to improve your singing voice through a systematic approach so you see results as quickly as possible.

Through a combination of ear training and singing exercises, we will work together to help you achieve the best, fullest, warmest, and richest tone possible. We will give you all the tools, tips, and strategies you need to make sure that your pitch is spot-on. You will learn how to develop a beautiful vibrato and apply it to your singing.  We will work on your "mix" voice -- an incredibly important part of becoming a great singer -- which will help you to sing higher notes without strain, as well as sing across your entire vocal range without cracks or breaks. Your head voice and vocal agility will improve enormously.

One of the easiest ways to improve your singing is through knowing how to care for your voice.  Your entire body is your instrument which means that the level with which you care for your body directly affects how well your voice will perform.  Knowing what to eat and drink are just the beginning to maintaining a healthy voice and singing your best.