Jessica and Kevin, Walnut Creek, CA
Jessica and Kevin, Walnut Creek, CA

Luke, Walnut Creek, CA
Luke, Walnut Creek, CA

Katie, 7, Greenwich, CT
Katie, 7, Greenwich, CT

Jessica and Kevin, Walnut Creek, CA
Jessica and Kevin, Walnut Creek, CA

Student Comments
Parent Comments

I have been taking piano lessons with Mr. Michael for several months now. He comes to my home during my daughter's nap time and we are able to practice in peace without getting a sitter! My teenage son is also taking lessons with Mr. Michael and loves his class. It is wonderful to hear him play and to listen to his progress. Mr. Michael is an excellent instructor!

— Pamela from Westport, CT

Our son Peyton has enjoyed taking piano lessons with Mr. Michael for almost a year. After the first three months of lessons, we found out we were moving from Connecticut to California. Mr. Michael suggested we maintain Peyton's lessons via Skype.

For the last nine months, we have very successfully been using the Skype application. It is very easy to use and it's as though Mr. Michael is right there in the room with us! From 3000 miles away, [he has] very successfully been teaching him through on-line technology.

I would very highly recommend Mr. Michael both locally in-person and at a distance on-line. I would highly recommend working with Cool Conservatory and using Skype. Thanks for everything!"

— Liz from San Mateo, CA

I have been having piano practice for a couple months now and I am having the time of my life. I learn how to play the piano while also being able to enjoy it. A great experience, I would recommend it to all.

— Noah, 11, from Westport, CT

“You have a gift, and we feel so lucky you have shared it with our children.”

— Craig and Lynette from Walnut Creek, CA

"Michael has been a fantastic piano teacher for my kids.  The big differentiators?

1) Music Theory: I hired Michael because he was willing to teach the kids both traditional piano (reading music, classical, etc) and music theory, which will enhance their ability to play in bands.  I know so many peoplewho took years of formal piano classes (myself included) who wish that they could play in a band, but don't understand chords, keys, etc (which is the language of bands).  By introducing my kids to music theory, I feel like we are opening up music as a lifelong pursuit.

2) His understanding of the brain: As a resilience educator, I have learned that undertanding the way the brain works is critical when teaching skills.  Michael not only understands music, but he has a very good grasp of learning theory and the neurological impact of music instruction."

— Donna M. Volpitta, Ed.D

I have had Michael as a piano teacher for more than two years now, and I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge and skills pertaining to the piano and to the musical realm in general. We have explored topics from classical to jazz to music theory. Throughout these varied lessons, he has been able to convey the material in an intriguing format and has made it easy to understand and internalize for future use.

Recently, we have focused on the study of improvisation and composition, topics that transcend the piano and apply to all forms of music. Our lessons, which incorporate actual composition of my own work, have left me with skills that I will be able to utilize down the road when I am creating or performing pieces of music.

— Logan, 17, from Old Greenwich, CT

"Gabriel (6), who initially had much reservation on learning how to play the piano, has sailed through many books with Michael in less than 4 months. Gabriel loves the classes with Michael and is making wonderful progress! Thank you Michael for making it look so easy, painless and FUN!!

— Ariane, from Old Greenwich, CT

I have been taking piano lessons with Michael for about two years now. Over the course of these two years, I have grown as a pianist. Michael has taught me various techniques for improvising, chord progressions that I can use to accompany my right hand while improvising, and we have covered a wide range of artists. To name a few favorites: George Winston, Chopin, Mozart, Yann Tiersen, Billy Joel and Elton John.

What I have enjoyed the most about taking piano lessons with Michael is our interesting conversations about aspects of music, whether it's composing, writing film scores, famous composers, or sometimes topics that are more science related like which side of the brain is more geared towards music and creativity.

Michael has a holistic approach to teaching. He allows his students to choose the music they want to learn. He guides us through note reading, but doesn't force music theory as a set part of every class. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking lessons with Michael.

Next year I will be heading off to college. Michael has inspired me to continue on with piano and I plan to take lessons with him via Skype.

— Delaney, 18, from Old Greenwich, CT