​Success begins with the right teacher, using the right method. And there is no one-size-fits-all method. Every student learns differently, every student has their own set of strengths and challenges.

When you enroll with Cool Conservatory, we will begin with an evaluation to determine initially what these strengths and challenges are. Then your teacher, Mr. Michael, will consult with you and your student to recommend an approach.

Beginners of all ages are taught note-reading, basic music theory, ear-training, basic conducting, and musicianship. These essentials must be learned regardless of the style of music the student eventually wants to pursue. The pacing of the program is based entirely on the student's readiness for each ensuing step. The student is exposed to a broad spectrum of styles and eras as we move along.

Intermediate to advanced pianists can more thoroughly explore classical, jazz, rock, pop, blues and other representative styles of the past 300 years. In addition, students may explore composition, arranging, improvising, orchestration, and other exciting fields of study.

Please see our FAQs for further information.

Creative Keyboard Instruction

Music Lessons in Your Own Home

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