A school is only as good as its teachers.

At Cool Conservatory, our instructors have over 50 combined years of experience teaching performing arts and music, and have worked with hundreds and hundreds of young people from all walks of life. We have taught both working professional musicians and gifted teens with big dreams. Our staff also has extensive training in early childhood education.

Mr. Michael

Mr. Michael Andreas Hienzsch grew up in a musical family. His mother played piano, father played ‘cello, grandfather played violin and guitar, and uncle played oboe. At the age of six Mr. Michael took up the piano and never stopped!

Along the way he earned a degree in Music Composition from U.C. Berkeley, and took private instruction in conducting, orchestration, and jazz arranging. Mr. Michael will shortly be completing his Master's Certificate in Arranging and Orchestration from Berklee Music. He now teaches piano, as well as composition, arranging, and music theory, voice, and conducting.


Mr. Michael was the music director on over 75 musical theater productions, and has performed in Moscow, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Five musicals have been commissioned from him over the years, and a couple of them are still being performed in New Zealand.


He has worked with hundreds and hundreds of wonderful children and adults over the past twenty-five years, in children’s theater, private lessons, youth orchestras, high schools and so on.  Again and again Mr. Michael has seen the impact that early music exposure has on a child’s character, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness. And he's noticed that music keeps adults from growing old -- at least inside, where it counts.


Cool Conservatory's curricula combine sound pedagogy with an intuitive grasp of what makes music a truly “fundamental” human experience. Mr. Michael's wife Miss Mary, a trained Waldorf teacher and he are working together to bring this phenomenal program to you in the Tri-State Area. It is a perfect fit with their passion to spread the joy, the magic, and the mystery of music.

Miss Mary

Miss Mary's bio is coming shortly! But in brief... she's a trained Waldorf-method teacher, has extensive early-childhood education experience, plays piano, sings, dances, and cooks EXTREMELY well. Mr. Michael is fortunate to be her husband.