Audition Prep

When 30 seconds is all you have to make a great impression...

Successful auditions depend on a variety of factors, many of which are out of your control -- who else shows up, what the casting director had for lunch (and now regrets eating), where your name appears on the list, and a host of other variables. The only element directly under your control is your preparation... and it has to be better, deeper, and more thorough than the competition's.


Musical Theater Auditions 2 hours

From material selection and editing, to vocal coaching and performance, Cool Conservatory's experts will work with you to make your presentation as tight and impactful as it can possibly be. Whether you're singing in front of a Broadway casting director or your High School Theater director, you will generally not be able to perform an entire song -- so the time spent in editing the music and honing the expression and gestures is critical to success.

Dramatic or "Legit" Theater Auditions 2 hours
If you have a speech or monologue you'd like some feedback on, please don't hesitate to ask. We have consulting experts available with extensive acting experience who can work with you to smooth what needs smoothing and amp up what needs to be more aggressive. The result will be a memorable audition that makes the casting table sit up and take notice.

Music School or Conservatory Auditions 2 hours
Bring us your prospective school's list of approved audition pieces, and Cool Conservatory's experts will help you select just the right piece to show off your strengths. If you've already chosen your material (or had it chosen for you), we'll analyze your presentation from a jury's point of view and help to make it the best it can be.

Talent/Variety Show Preparation 2 hours

Haven't performed much? Does the idea of getting on stage frighten you? At Cool Conservatory we have many years of experience helping young (and older) performers process and move beyond various forms of performance anxiety. Butterflies are normal; but stage fright is a misinterpretation of threat and can be redirected into healthier pathways.

​Private Rehearsal Sessions

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)
Wouldn't it be great to be able to take your show's music director home with you for individualized rehearsal? Or to have the actor with whom you have to sing a complicated duet join you to practice? Mr. Michael at Cool Conservatory has been the music director on over 75 productions. He'll run those numbers with you as often as necessary, without the pressure of an entire cast waiting for the music director's attention.



Accompaniment Services 2 hour minimum

It is better, whenever possible,  to have your own accompanist play at your audition. The established rapport and rehearsal time you've spent together is the edge you need to make your performance smooth and professional. Remember, the accompanist at the audition is often sight-reading, and has not rehearsed with you!

One-to-One Audition and Performance Preparation Programs